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Q. Is there a set age limit for using Sportzmind?

A. No, Sportzmind is for all ages! If you are able to understand the content, you are good to go. Young people may benefit from a parent or coach helping them to develop their plan and understand the Inner Workout.


Q. I don't know much about sport psychology, nor have I completed any courses in this area, will Sportzmind be too advanced for me?

A. Sportzmind has been developed for this reason. The aim is to provide practical information and instructions that is easy for anyone to understand and perform. Simple and clear is best, there is no need for the distractions of large words and jargon.
Just follow the exercises, add your requirements to the plan and you're good to go. 


Q. I'm not a professional or elite athlete, will Sportzmind benefit me?

A. Absolutely, all sports people want to perform well. Sportzmind was designed for all sports people and for any sport at all levels of training and competition. Even casual players can benefit from Sportzmind.


Q. How long will it take to start seeing results from using Sportzmind?

A. You can expect to start seeing results after your first Inner Workout. You are what you think. The key with Sportzmind is to make it a part of your training and preparation ritual. Mental Preparation works best with consistency and repetition.


Q. What should I do if I don't understand an exercise?
A. Please feel welcome to get in touch with us directly - We will happily answer your questions or help provide further explanation - sometimes a little extra clarification is all that's needed.


Q. I'm using Sportzmind, but I don't think I am seeing much improvement.

A. This could be down to not being consistent with your Inner Workout - or perhaps your mind is wandering during the Inner Workout. If you find yourself becoming distracted during the Inner Workout - Stop, and refocus, begin the exercise again.
Sometimes it is worth reassessing your prep plan, having a closer look at the exercises and tweaking your specific needs. Most importantly, committing to the system and making it a part of your training and game day ritual will help you to see results. Remember to use your Mind Combat strategies if you are fighting with negatives during your performance.


Q. I'm trying really hard, but struggling to understand an aspect of Sportzmind and how it relates to my needs.
A. Very happy to help with your plan and talking through the system - fire us an email on and we will do our best to assist you. We want you to succeed!


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