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Sportzmind has been around for some time! Starting in the early 90s, Sportzmind quickly became a popular mental preparation system for sports competitors at all levels of competition. Since then Sportzmind has undergone an update to further refine the programme, to be leaner and more effective. Check out some more history below! 

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2015 - NOW

Over the last eighteen months to keep up with the ever-changing times of sports competition, the Sportzmind System has been fine-tuned. Updated with the latest understandings to suit the ever-increasing standard of competitive sport it has now been professionally built as an app for Android and iOS users.

The latest streamlined version of the Sportzmind System is truly a force to be reckoned with.

2000 - 2015

As time progressed so did the content of the course, Sportzmind participants that attended the course and used the techniques in their performances provided crucial feedback. This resulted in refining Sportzmind into the successful product it is today.

As the Sportzmind course gained popularity it was condensed into a shorter more powerful version, consisting of a booklet and CD for both convenience and to reach a wider audience.

The unique design of the system attracted competitors from all over NZ in various codes of sport at social, provincial and international levels.

1994 - 2000

The early success of the Sportzmind course was attributed to the practical content provided, and the ability of the inspirational and motivational presenters: Barry Thompson (Chan’s Martial Arts 4th degree blackbelt), Derek Todd (Rep Rugby coach technical advisor), Leonie Young (NZ Touch Rep) Eddie Kerrigan (Rugby League/ Softball).

Both Barry and Eddie played a significant role in administration and marketing as Sportzmind grew in popularity in the earlier years.



The Sportzmind course was developed by Ron Lewis and Carla Heslop (A Positive Start) both Mind Power graduates of John Kehoe’s world recognized course “Thought dynamics”.

The main aim when developing Sportzmind, was to provide a “down to earth hands on and practical” mental training system suitable for any sports person at any level of competition which was easy to follow, understand and apply. Demand was high and course spaces filled quickly.

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