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Sports injuries and the power of the Mind.

My Story.

Thirteen years ago, I severed my right bicep tendon completely. My bicep tendon needed to be reattached through surgery. I was told my strength would be compromised to about 60 percent of what it previously used to be. I was also informed that the range of movement could be impaired by up to 50 percent. I decided to test the theory of getting the Will and Imagination to work together for my healing.

How do you react to sports injuries? Do they affect your ability or performance days, weeks or months after they have gone?

Sports injuries are literally a pain. They pop up when least expected. Injuries interrupt training sessions, limit game time and can even affect future performances if you let them.

Getting your mind right after recovering from an injury can prove to be a challenge.

The Will verses the Imagination.

Emile Coue was a world renowned French psychologist who lived in the mid 1800’s. He was famous for a popular method of psychotherapy and self-improvement based on self-suggestion. Emile Coue said:

“When your Will and your Imagination are in conflict, your Imagination always wins”.

How many times have you affirmed “I Will do this”? only to have your Imagination bring up images and thoughts of you not succeeding.

The Will can be referred to as a conscious decision you make “My broken leg Will heal completely”. “I Will be strong and fit again”

The Imagination is however a “Power House” of the mind can take a different view. It influences everything we do, think and create. The Imagination draws upon experience and knowledge surrounding us or simply creates its own.

When the Imagination brings up images and thoughts contradictory to the goal, the power of the Imagination usually wins.

To experience the power of healing, both the Will and Imagination need to work in unison to achieve the goal.

How to get the Will and Imagination working together as one.

Use your Imagination and visualise exactly the healing you want to gain. Imprint positive images onto your Sub Conscious Mind for the Imagination to draw from.

When visualising It doesn’t matter what shape, form or method you use. When working directly with your imagination anything is possible as long as it supports your goal.

I use an imaginary green laser beam and imagine it directly on the injury, by moving it back and forth across the area. I also imagine the powerful feeling of healing.

If your Mind becomes clouded with thoughts of doubt change those thoughts with images and words “I’m a great healer” and imagine the feeling of your injury healing.

After the operation it took only 3 months to be back into full training. Each day after my physical rehab exercises I visualised my tendon and bicep becoming stronger and more flexible. I also affirmed to myself “Every day in every way my tendon was become strong and flexible”.

Since the operation I have regained full strength and full range of movement. I can confidently say thirteen years later my bicep and tendon are strong and flexible.

The only remaining reminder is a small scar below my elbow. I was 44 years of age when the surgery was done, I’m now 57 and train regularly with no issues.

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