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Open the Sportzmind App and tap 'Design Your Plan'

Read through each section carefully and the examples provided, this information will teach you how to use Sportzmind and make it work for you. 


Complete each of the exercises by adding your exact performance requirements. 


Once you have finished, you will have created your own personalised Mental Preparation Plan, and be ready for your first Inner Workout.

Developing your first Mental Preparation Plan takes around 45 minutes and can be adjusted at any time to suit your ever changing needs.

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Grab your headphones and open the Sportzmind App - Tap 'Inner Workout'

As you progress through the interactive audio, you are inspired through seven powerful Sportzmind exercises. 

The end result is to have you energised, focused and in the zone, ready for your next performance. 

The Inner Workout is designed to be accessible, use it at home, in the car or on the field. 

Use the Inner Workout during the off season or while injured to keep your skills honed. 

Not only are you preparing for your next performance, you are re-programming your mind with perfect mental blueprints of behavior, skills and attitudes for future performances.

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Learn how to use and apply the same mental preparation skills as trained martial arts experts.

Mental preparation is an art. Sportzmind breaks down this art into an easy-to-understand form and explains how to practice and use these skills in each of your exercises for maximum performance gains.

It's common knowledge that the brain can be re-programmed for attitudes, physical abilities, skills, behaviours and beliefs. The ability to tune out distractions and focus inward is the basis of all martial arts training.

The Sportzmind Inner Workout will motivate you and unleash your personal power as often as you need it, before training and competition. 

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Any competitor at any level

Be at your very best every time you train & compete with our proven system.


  • Learn, practice or improve any physical skill.

  • Continue to train mentally when physically injured.

  • Develop your ideal performance attitude and maintain it.

  • Manage anxiety, negative thoughts and emotions, before and during every performance.

  • Form perfect mental blueprints for behaviour, attitude and skill for now and the future.

  • Become fully mentally prepared for both training & competition.

The Sportzmind System covers all of this during a 20 minute Inner Workout.
What you put in your mind on a daily basis comes out in the way you perform.

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